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Chainsaw Repairs

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What is included in a Chainsaw Service ?

We carry a wide range of chainsaw parts and accessories. From Husqvrana, Shindawa, Stilh, Tanka, Echo, Ryobi, Olec we service and repair all makes and models of chainsaws. No job is out of the question at Freshway Service and Repairs.

  • Check that the AV elements are not soft or torn.
  • Lubricate the clutch drum bearing.
  • Check the clutch center, clutch drum and clutch spring for wear.
  • File off burrs, if any, on the sides of the bar.
  • Clean the spark plug and check the gap.
  • Check the starter and the recoil spring.
  • Clean the fins on the flywheel.
  • Clean the cooling fins on the cylinder.
  • Clean or change the screen in the muffler.
  • Clean the carburetor body and air box.
  • Check the brake band on the chain brake for wear.
  • Clean the outside of the carburetor.
  • Check the fuel filter.
  • Clean the inside of the fuel tank.
  • Clean the inside of the oil tank & fill if necessary using warranty approved lubricants.
  • Check all cables and connections.

Pricing/ Extras

  • New Pull Cord and Fitting: From $45.00
  • Chain Sharpening: From $20.00
  • Chainsaw Service: From $110.00

Pick Up and Delivery (Sydney Metro)

Too busy and can’t make it to our warehouse no problem. Freshway Service & Repairs offers a Sydney wide pick up & delivery service . FREE pick ups and deliveries every Tuesday !

Repair While You Wait

  • Sharpen Chainsaw Chain
  • Replace Filters
  • New Fuel Caps

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